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Universal symbols crafted into everyday objects

everyday objects for conscious living

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There is a vastness to both the universe and the human spirit. We invite you to contemplate and celebrate the mysteries of both.  

VAU everyday objects are all inspired by universal symbols. Each one embodies a distinct concept, like eternity, centre and duality, serving as gentle reminders for conscious living.

Designed and produced in our family-led workshop in Croatia (EU).


made in EU family-led workshop natural materials small-batch production



What They Say...

“VAU is in total alignment with its values. Every aspect of the company--from the product design to the quality of the materials from which they're made, to the ease and efficiency of the e-commerce to the customer service--feels as calming and centering as the objects themselves. I look forward to adding more of the VAU product line to my home!”

Amy, USA


“The OROBORUS necklace was given to me as a surprise present by my husband after he noticed that I really loved the design. Its clean, minimalistic design is not only an eye- but also a light-catcher, with the twist giving it a very classy texture. Its warm rose-gold colour makes it an excellent accessory for many outfits and occasions; for the office as well as the theater.”

Linda, Netherlands 


Discover the art and mastery of our craftsmanship

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