VAU is about everyday objects inspired by universal symbols which extend through diverse aspects of life, from nature, geometry, spirituality to art.

By crafting home décor and office accessories we seek to bring a sense of harmony and timeless beauty into everyday life. 

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VAU products are made out of solid metal. We produce them by combining both traditional and modern manufacturing technologies. Each single piece involves careful manual work by our craftsmen. When you are holding our products you can feel tthe hours of someones work and expertise woven into it.



Ancient symbols are the mental impressions, imprints, or archetypes which have been part of our nature since the earliest beginnings of time. With our rational mind and our eyesight we humans will recognise its universal beauty, precision and structure, while at an unconscious level they can only be understood through our intuition and subconscious.



TRIANGLE bottle opener

MERKABA paperweight

12.3 organiser

CURVE letter opener