VAU has been created by a multidisciplinary team that has already worked on many different projects at PES, a Croatia based workshop for metal objects. Founded in 1992, the family led company currently has a team of 35 people whose expertise combines the fields of design, engineering and metal craftsmanship. 

Throughout the whole process of developing and manufacturing a product, our product designers closely partner with our engineers and craftsmen. We like partnerships, both internally and externally. We believe it is the only way true magic can happen. 

This picture shows the core team who created VAU, from left to right: 
Ivica Baraba, brand management
Katarina Ružić Baraba, project management
Tomislav Dukarić, mechanical engineering
Dragutin Ružić, strategy and innovation
Ljiljana Ružić, human resources
Petra Vrdoljak, product design
Ivan Vukmanić, product design
Marija Ružić Vukmanić, art direction
Kristijan Kajić, tooling and CNC