SUNRAY pencil holder - satin gold finish

75 €

Captured in a circle of posts leaping skyward, this wheel of rays offers 30 bars and 30 spaces for the things that move in and out of your hands daily: pens, pencils, letters.

Symbolically, the sun stands for energy, radiance and creative force. It is too bright to look at directly, but we can imitate its glow and take inspiration for the conscious choices we make in our day. We are free to sculpt our energy into any story we can imagine, to create our own universe through our actions, from the simple activity of organising letters to larger choices like creating abundance and fulfilment.

Technical specifications:

  • Hand-polished solid metal (aluminium - satin gold finish)

  • Packaged in a handcrafted box, with a product description leaflet

  • Product dimensions: 76 x 76 x 90 mm

  • Packaging dimensions: 106 x 106 x 100 mm

  • Product weight: 145 g, with packaging: 200 g

VAU_PHI_coaster (5).jpg
VAU_PHI_coaster (6).JPG
SUNRAY-by-VAU (6).jpg

Each VAU product is made to order and shipped worldwide from our own workshop in Zagreb, Croatia (EU). The production takes 2 to 5 and the delivery, this depends on your location, additional 1 to 3 working days. As soon as your parcel has been dispatched we will email you a DHL Express tracking number.