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Universal symbols crafted into everyday objects

Inspired by universal symbols


We feel inspired by universal symbols that extend through several aspects of life, from nature, geometry, spirituality or art. These geometric archetypes symbolise deeper principles which materialise in various forms. They express abstract concepts like balance, harmony, order and duality.

Ancient symbols are the mental impressions, imprints, or archetypes which have been part of our nature since the earliest beginnings of time. With our rational mind and our eyesight we humans will recognise its universal beauty, precision and structure, while at an unconscious level they can only be understood through our intuition and subconscious.


Integrated into functional everyday objects these symbols bring harmony and timeless beauty into everyday rituals. The energy of a space and the objects within it affect us. We believe there are those who support us in creating harmony and expressing ourselves on a deeper level.

VAU holds many layers which invite us to explore.

In our products different people will perceive different things.


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We chose VAU as our brand name because we resonate with its sound and the vibration it creates. In addition to this it contains several layers of meaning which are important to us. In ancient Greek, Phoenician and Hebrew VAU represents both the sixth letter and the number 6. In numerology 6 is the number of creation, the female number.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras used to call it the perfect number. In various cultures it had  other connotations, too. Many considered it to represent the connection between the material and immaterial, the terrestrial and heavenly, a place in which opposites meet.

In our products different people will perceive different things. VAU holds many layers with which we invite ourselves and others to explore the gift called life.