CIRCULAR candleholder - aged brass finish

62 €

Concentric circles symbolise the universal way in which nature expands, from a centre towards infinity. The flame is symbolically located at the very centre of the composition, while the concentric circles surrounding it form a dynamic structure.

Circular levels are rising towards the top, the source of light. This concept is inspired by ziggurat architecture, a terraced pyramidal temple where layers are leading to the divine, usually represented by light.

Technical specifications:

  • Hand-polished solid metal (ZAMAC - aged brass finish)

  • Genuine leather attached to the base

  • Packaged in a handcrafted box, with a product description leaflet

  • Product dimensions: 70 x 70 x 32 mm

  • Packaging dimensions: 100 x 100 x 59 mm

  • Product weight: 465g, with packaging: 555g

Circular candle holder by VAU (4).jpg
Circular candle holder by VAU (1).jpg
Circular candle holder by VAU (12).jpg
Circular candle holder by VAU (9).jpg

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