VAU at Mindvalley

Imagine the bold idea of a month-long transformational event that takes place in a different city each year, an event that offers the opportunity to get immersed in a curated community of workshops, talks, and seminars.

An event with the intention to transform learning from an institutionalized, linear, means to an end, to a complete and conscious lifelong adventure that has no end. That's what Mindvalley , led by its visionary entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani , has created. And it is not just for adults but for kids and teenagers, too.

We are happy that this year's edition of Mindvalley University is taking place in our home country Croatia, in a city named Pula. One of our tenets in VAU is that personal growth matters. We believe that one of the gateways for personal growth are symbols.

We use symbols as an inspiration for our work. They spread subtly through different aspects of life, from nature and geometry to spirituality to art. In our process, we draw many layers of meaning from the merkaba, the golden ratio, pyramids and concentric circles.

By exploring these symbols we humans are able to learn about ourselves while also tapping into the wisdom of people who lived before us. By reading about them we discover their meaning but these ancient concepts can also be felt. Feeling them means finding deeper layers within yourself that resonate with these messages. Bringing more of them into everyday life enables you to be more centered, grounded and connected.

We believe that every space has a unique energy and every object inside that space has an impact on the way you feel and act. The objects we craft aim to create harmony, find balance and support self-expression.

As a sponsor of the event last week at our booth has been full of inspiring conversations with the Mindvalley community whilst showcasing our products.

Ivan VukmanicComment