Create your own universe

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People sometimes ask us what we are referring to when we say “Create your own universe”. It is based on our belief that each and every one of us has a great impact on her or his surrounding. Every little choice that we make is shaping our world and in return our world is shaping us.

When we developed VAU we thought about how we could contribute to a more harmonious universe, a universe that is more in touch with the deeper layers of our existence. During this process we came up with the following five aspects we chose VAU to be based on:    

1. Inspired by universal symbols

Ancient symbols carry forgotten wisdom about life. In their shapes different ideas are stored. By exploring these symbols we are able to learn about ourselves while also tapping into the wisdom of people who lived before us. Understanding symbols combines feelings and thinking. By reading about them we learn their different meanings but these ancient concepts can also be felt. Feeling them means finding deeper layers of ourselves that resonate with these messages. Bringing more of them into everyday life enables us to be more centered, grounded and connected.

2. Every day is divine

In special occasions we feel alive and full of energy. It triggers experiences of higher frequency. These are often called divine, sacred or spiritual, During these moments we are present and our curiosity fuels us to explore everything around us. For many people, though, what is ”everyday life” grabs them and thus that vibrant feeling of being alive gets easily lost. Bringing rituals and little celebrations into simple everyday tasks helps us celebrate each day. What we focus on becomes our life. We can choose to focus more on things that bring us joy.

3. Imperfect is perfect

Being human is not about being perfect. We make mistakes. We are not machines that work without feeling. By expecting perfection we are not allowing ourselves to be human, to feel. For us bringing human touch into bulk production processes means creating objects with little imperfections which make them more personal. A little scratch or a slightly uneven surface turns a product into something unique, in the same way like each human being is unique. In our universe we allow ourselves and are proud to be real.

4.  Strong roots give us stability

We humans live a lot in our rational mind, constantly thinking and coming up with ideas. We interact on webs. Everything around us is becoming more and more abstract. We are disappearing into our heads and are being less in tune with our bodies. If we lose our materiality we lose our stability and groundedness.  We can bring it back by connecting with nature. Touching metal is a way to connect with earth’s core.

5.  We can only be ourselves

Being your authentic self can be scary. You inevitably make yourself vulnerable. Some people won’t like you. Therefore we sometimes feel a strong need to adapt our behaviour in such a way to blend in. This can also lead to hiding our true essence, what is special about us. There exists a beautiful saying, “our vibe attracts our tribe”. We won’t find them by hiding.  It is time to celebrate our authenticity. Let’s create a universe where it is safe to express yourself, to be kind and generous to each other.

What kind of universe do you choose to create? How do you go about this?